Logistics Engineering

Tailoring supply chain systems to meet our customers' needs

Logistics Consulting forms the crosslink in the planning and consultation stages of every supply chain project and is incorporated in the very first meeting with the customer.

Our consultants plan the supply chain systems of our customers from the inside out based on structural analyses, flexibility needs and economic efficiency.

This means that we accompany our projects from the starting design to the final acceptance by the customer: from working out the most sensible solution in economic terms, to taking into consideration proven and cutting-edge technologies from warehousing and materials handling, to tailored special applications during the realisation of the project. It goes without saying that our tools also support the optimisation of facilities and complex supply chain strategies.

Our Logistics Consulting begins directly with the business of our customers. After all, the consulting process which Fiege initiates as a contract logistics provider with its own supply chain engineers and management scientists always prioritises on the customer's demands:

  • Customer analysis - for the methodological ascertainment of structures, needs, capacities, throughput and weaknesses
  • Material flow planning - from process analysis to the IT-supported automation of warehouse and order picking flows, to order / storage simulations with recognised simulants
  • Warehouse planning - from concept to planning of equipment and work stations, to finished layout; and from tendering of warehousing and materials handling to functional testing and acceptance
  • Procurement - from tendering process to integration testing, to acceptance

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Rolf Beckmann

Director Logistics Consulting & Purchasing

+49 2571 999-772